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You aren't required to apply with your partner, but there are some benefits:

  • Save time by scheduling the medical exam at the same time.

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What does "coverage" mean?

Coverage is the amount your loved ones would receive (as a tax-free, lump sum) if anything happens to you before your policy expires.

Rule of thumb: Most financial planners recommend having coverage around 10x your income.

For now, just pick what you think makes the most sense. You can always change it later.

How do policy lengths work?

Your policy length (or “term”) determines how long your coverage lasts. After it expires, you can get a new policy or you can usually renew it at a higher rate.

Rule of thumb: Your term should cover your longest financial obligations. For example, people with young children usually pick 20 or 25 years.

Your policy would protect your loved ones with a tax free, lump sum of ${{CovSlider:Decimal;0,0}} until it expires {{CovPolicy}} from now.

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